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Student Concern Form

Whether you are a concerned parent, friend, or student, the student concern form is one way that you can share that you are concerned about a student. Fill in as much information on the form below as you can. Someone from the Student Success Center, or their designee, will reach out to provide the student with support and resources. If you would prefer to discuss your concern with someone directly, you can call the Student Outreach Services at 435-879-4652. Please note that if you provide your contact information, we may get in touch with you to get more information prior to contacting the student. We do everything we can to preserve your anonymity if you choose to remain anonymous with your concern.

Please be aware that this form goes to the UT Student Success Center during normal business hours. It is not monitored after hours, on weekends, or on University holidays. UT has police officers available to respond to immediate concerns. If you have immediate concerns about the health or safety of a student of the UT community, call police dispatch at 435-627-4300. If there is an active emergency, call 911 immediately.

Student Concern Form

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