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The Student Success Program at Utah Tech University is a structured first-year program designed to help students build a strong foundation for college success. Students with a high school GPA of a 2.8 or less qualify and are enrolled in this program. Our students have a team of people who work to help you succeed and find a personal pathway to success to reach your goals and dreams.

Each student has a Peer Coach they meet with throughout the semester, which helps them set goals, connect to resources, and learn how to navigate college. Our students enroll the following courses that count towards required general education credits working towards any degree:

  • Trailblazer Connections Class (SSC 1010). Designed to teach students how to navigate college, college study skills, and time management. Additionally, students have opportunities to connect with their peers and engage in college life.
  • Active Learning Lab (SSC 1025R). Students have a weekly plan for academic success.
  • Career and Life Skills (SSC 1060). Students explore their career path and develop power (soft) skills to help them succeed on their career path.

Students have access to the Student Success Center, a one-stop resource hub on campus.  We have computers, free printing, study tables, a lounge area, games, and snacks; and most importantly, the people to answer your questions…Success Advisors and Peer Coaches.

Other benefits of the program included, The Rising Star Scholarship where students can earn up to $1000 in scholarship money and an Academic Success Advisor.

Each student works with their Academic Success Advisor to create a balanced schedule that works towards completing their general math and English requirements, which are foundational classes for all degrees. Students have a first-year advising hold that ensures their Academic Success Advisor is working with you and supporting your success. This hold does not stop you from changing or viewing your schedule, you just do it in collaboration with your Academic Success Advisor. As a student in our program you will be a part of University College and your major will be General Education until you complete English 1010/1010D, your first math course, and get a 2.0 GPA. Every bachelor degree requires two years of general education, so if you have a degree you are interested in you can work towards that while building a strong foundation for academic success.

We BELIEVE in our students and their ability to succeed, and when students are in our program, they have a team of people who have their back and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and build the habits that can turn their dreams into reality.


Jamie Kearra, PhD
Director of Student Success


Developing a Growth Mindsets

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The Student Success Program provides you with the structure, support, and resources to create a foundation for your academic success.  The Student Success Program provides you with the following benefits:

  • PEER COACH –Provides support, resources, financial, career, goal setting, and personal guidance in making your first year of college success.
  • ACADEMIC SUCCESS ADVISOR- Students are required to work with an academic success advisor to ensure that they have a balanced schedule that is aligned with their academic goals. You will meet your Academic Success Advisor at the beginning, middle and end of the semester to support your success.
  • STUDENT SUCCESS COURSES- Required SSC 1010 (Trailblazer Connections), SSC 1025R (Active Learning Lab), SSC 1060 (Career and Life Skills).
  • SUCCESS SESSION- As a part of New Student Orientation students will come the Student Success Center to learn more about the resources and support for their academic success.
  • STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER- A place to study, hang out, meet with your peer coach or Success Advisor, and get any of your questions answered about college. As a student in our program, you have access to our computers and can print for free. We have snacks, games, and popcorn for our students.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS- As a student in our program, you are eligible for the Rising Star Scholarship and the GRIT scholarship.

Who Are We

As a part of your admissions at Utah Tech University, you may be admitted into the Student Success Program, a program specifically designed to assist academically at-risk students to succeed at UT.  You have qualified for this program based upon your high school GPA, a combination of your GPA; less than 2.8 enrolls you in the program.  As a student in our program you will have a registration hold placed on your account to ensure that you meet with an advisor prior to registration. This gives you the opportunity to get the best schedule for your success and review degree options and career plans. Additionally, the Student Success classes are only for our students so your enrollment in our class is done with instructor permission, this allows you to receive the full benefits of the program.


  • Submit your ACT, SAT or placement test scores to register math and English.
  • Attend Trailblazer pre-semester: W-F before fall semester.
  • Meet with your Peer Coach 2 times during the semester.
  • Complete and pass SSC 1010, SSC 1025R, and SSC 1060.
  • Complete weekly study hall/tutoring hours.
  • Meet with your Academic Success Advisor at midterms and prior to registering for classes.
  • Complete English 1010/1010D, your first math course and a 2.0 GPA.
  • Download the Navigate Student App.

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Jamie Kearra

Director of Student Success

Email: Jamie.Kearra@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4613

Office: Browning 114