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Academic Advisement

Holland 1st Floor

The academic advising relationship entails mutual responsibility on the part of the advisor and the student. It is a relationship that will assist students with various aspects of their university experience starting with orientation, continuing with career/major exploration, and culminating in graduation. Meeting with your advisor regularly will reduce the risk of taking unnecessary courses or straying from your desired educational goal. Ideally, you should meet with your advisor at least once per semester before registration begins for the next semester. Of course, we encourage you to meet with your advisor more often should you need help choosing a major or to discuss academic issues you do not know how to solve. Finally, make sure to meet with an advisor the semester before you plan to finish your degree requirements.

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Academic Performance Center – Tutoring

Holland 4th Floor

Tutoring is one of the most widely used of the Utah Tech University-sponsored learning assistance services and is available to all registered, degree-seeking UT students. Drop-in Tutoring is available at no cost to all UT students who are seeking assistance in math, science, languages and many other courses from across campus. Detailed schedules are prepared weekly so that students may easily access current information on available tutoring. The drop-in concept is probably most popular because of its flexibility in allowing students to get help at their convenience during posted hours rather than making and keeping appointments. Students work on assignments independently while having the opportunity for tutor assistance when needed, but they often also form casual study groups in which to learn together.

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Holland 1st Floor

The Admissions team provides prospective students, parents, and school counselors with information about the opportunities for higher education offered at Utah Tech University. Our department is centered on the needs of students, and we will do everything possible to provide programs and services to address such needs. Whether you’re a returning student, a new first-year student, a transfer student, or just looking to take classes without earning a degree, we’re here to help you along your way.

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Applied Leadership Program

Gardner Center 206

The Utah Tech Applied Leadership Program (ALP) is a non-academic program designed to provide students with a set of comprehensive, structured experiences that enhance their development as leaders.  These experiences are an intentional mix of existing courses, co-curricular programs, and engagement opportunities.  Participants will explore theories, concepts and case studies of leadership and handpicked lecture series that expound on these concepts while being actively involved in various leadership opportunities across campus.  This “application only” program is open to anyone seeking to grow and develop in their leadership competencies.

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Fitness Center

The UT Pool, located just north of Trailblazer Stadium, is part of the Eccles Fitness Center facilities. The pool is a full-functioning aquatics center, providing students the opportunity to enjoy and recreate. Students are able to obtain an aquatic membership by semester or enroll in any of the aquatics courses offered. Activities provided are lap swim, open swim time, water aerobics, intramural activities, triathlon training clinics, pool rentals, etc. Courses taught in the pool are Beginning and Intermediate Swimming, Beginning and Intermediate Water Aerobics, SCUBA, and Lifeguarding.

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University Police

The University Police is here to protect and serve the Trailblazer community. Working in partnership with students, staff, and faculty, they strive to provide a safe and secure environment for all. At UT, public safety is a shared responsibility, and everyone plays a vital role in helping keep our campus safe. The Utah Tech University Police Department (UTPD) is fully accredited by the State of Utah, and all UTPD officers are certified through Utah’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Please report any concerning incident immediately.
For Emergencies, 24/7 CALL 911
Priority 1 – Emergencies or disasters with immediate danger to life, property, or the environment. The need for Police, Fire, EMS services include: threats to life or limb, medical/health emergencies, and crime-in-progress.

For Urgent Need of a Police Officer, CALL 24/7 Police Dispatch at 435-627-4300
Priority 2 – Non-emergency incidents/accidents. This includes: investigations, interviews, witness contacts, lost property, vehicle and building lockouts, police escorts, petty theft, graffiti, roadway/traffic/parking problems.

For Police Records, General Information & Services, CALL 435-652-7515
Office Hours, Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm
Location: North/East Corner of the Anthony Burns Offices
Priority 3 – General University information and services. This includes: police records, fingerprinting, notary, Utah criminal history checks, complaints, and US&RM Team assistance.

Campus Store

Gardner Center 2nd Floor

The Utah Tech UniversityStores offer a convenient student source for textbooks, general books, educational supplies, and a wide variety of calculators, office, school, and art supplies. The Campus Stores is the official source for UT collegiate clothing. The technology department offers tax free computers and tablets as well as many educational discounts on software and computer supplies. Great savings are available for students, faculty, and staff on Apple computer products, as the campus store is an Apple Authorized Campus Store.


Career Services

Holland 5th Floor

Career Services is here to help you obtain the career of your choice at graduation. We encourage you to visit early and often during your time at Utah Tech. We can assist you with career exploration, choosing a major, getting a student job, writing a resume, building your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles, taking career assessments, getting an internship or job shadow, and so much more. A career of your choice happens by obtaining a college degree AND gaining experience in your desired field. We will help you gain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary while also getting you connected to the industry.

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Dean of Students Office

Gardner Center 202

The Dean of Students provides support and advocacy on your behalf, assists with the resolution of problems, and provides information about campus resources and programs available to help students succeed at UT. Dean Beatty maintains an “open door policy” and students are always welcome to stop by for assistance with personal challenges, or to say hello and share ideas of how to improve their experience at UT.

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Disability Resource Center

North Plaza Bldg. East Side

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is the designated department responsible for evaluating disability documentation, determining eligibility, and implementing reasonable accommodations for students who have disabilities that may affect their academic success. The Disability Resource Center serves students with disabilities by providing equal access to UT academic programs, non-academic activities, and campus services — to facilitate and promote student participation, success, retention and graduation.

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Utah Tech Card I.D. Services at the Campus Store

Gardner Center 2nd Floor

All students need a Utah Tech ID card for official University identification, and for access to a growing number of facilities on campus. For incoming freshman and transfer students, the initial ID card cost will be added to the student’s fees. If I.D. card is lost or stolen, a new card may be purchased for a $20 replacement fee. Utah Tech I.D. cards will allow students admission to student government activities, athletic events, testing center, library rental usage, dining meal plans, possible discounts around the community and free rides on the local SunTran public transportation system. Any lost or found I.D. cards are redistributed from this location. Utah Tech Card I.D. Services is located inside the Campus Store located on the 2nd floor of the Gardner Center.

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Utah Tech Serves

North Plaza Bldg. 136

The Utah Tech Serves Volunteer Program is a collaboration between Utah Tech University and Washington County. Combining the efforts of students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and area partners, Utah Tech Serves strives to connect the community and university with meaningful volunteer opportunities on and off campus. We invite all to join us as we embrace the spirit of volunteerism.

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UTSA – Utah Tech UniversityStudent Association

Gardner Center 2nd Floor

Every fee-paying student at Utah Tech University is a member of UTSA. The mission of the UTSA Student Government is to provide students with learning, service, and extracurricular opportunities; provide leadership training; promote school spirit; create unity and a unique Utah Tech culture; link Utah Tech traditions with new students; and offer a voice to the student body. The leadership branches of UTSA include the Executive Council, Academic Senate, Clubs & Organizations, Student Life, Public Relations, and Service.

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Early Alert

Browning 1st Floor

Early alert constitutes several different services on UT’s campus. The major component is the progress survey that is sent to all instructors during the third week of the semester to identify and intervene with students who may be struggling academically or socially. Additionally, on the student success page of UT’s website, there is a referral form that can be used to raise concerns about a student at any time and can be done anonymously. Finally, programs such as EAB and Starfish alert staff to incoming freshmen who may be at greater risk of academic failure due to a series of indicators such as distance from home and high school GPA. These programs generate risk scores for each student and constitute a means of identifying and intervening with students before problems become irreversible.

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Financial Aid/Scholarships

Holland 1st Floor

The Utah Tech University (UT) Financial Aid program exists to ensure that no qualified student will be denied the opportunity to continue his or her education because of economic disadvantages. Through a program of grants, work-study, scholarships, and loans, students enrolled at UT are able to supplement their own resources and the resources of their families to complete a course of study. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of need and other eligibility criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education and other agencies at the state level.

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Fitness Center

Eccles Fitness Bldg.

The Fitness Center offers UT students the opportunity to increase their cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength by using the latest state-of-the-art Cybex machines, treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, and free weights. Semester memberships are available or students can also enroll in FAST 1088R to receive credit for working out.

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Food Pantry

Gardner Center 2nd Floor
435-652-7514 or 435-652-7738

The UT Food Pantry provides short-term/temporary assistance to students in need of food until they receive their next paycheck, a financial aid refund, etc. These services are coordinated through the UTSA Service Branch, and admission to the Food Pantry is monitored and administered through the Dean of Students Office. For long-term food needs, students should work with the Utah Food Bank or Switchpoint.

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Health & Counseling Center

1037 East 100 South

The UT H&CC provides acute health care, health education, brief mental health services, medical testing (titers, STI, TB, etc.) and referrals to community partners so that students are able to pursue their academic, career, and personal goals.  Wellness programs offering educational services and information to teach wellness-based approaches to life, enhance coping skills, and encourage the development of healthy lifestyles and behaviors. Appointments are offered to students at no cost.  There is a nominal charge lab work and other specialized testing and assessments.

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Holland 2nd Floor

The HELP desk assists with technological needs at Utah Tech University. They provide assistance for Canvas, Student Email, Student Services, Trailblazers wireless configuration, laptop assistance, and other technical troubleshooting students may require. Pick-up any campus phone and dial H-E-L-P for assistance (4357).

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Housing and Resident Life

Campus View Suites

Exploring student housing options can be an exciting process! Many of your memorable Utah Tech experiences will occur in your living space with your roommates. The Housing and Resident Life department strives to provide a residential experience unlike any other available to UT students. Live-in Resident Life staff, fun activities, various amenities, student success initiatives and other services help promote an environment that is comfortable, safe, fun and supportive of student success. The Housing and Resident Life department is your first stop for exploring student housing options owned and managed by the University, or can help students identify resources for finding privately-owned student housing complexes near campus.

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LGBTQ+ Resource Center

Browning 207

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is dedicated to supporting all UT students, faculty, staff, and administration who identify as LGBTQ+, as well as those who are or wish to become allies and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to creating a network for those needing to find community, the center provides a safe and confidential environment for anyone wanting to explore alternative forms of sexual and/or gender identity, and those who wish to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community. We seek to further LGBTQ+ rights on campus by offering SafeZone training to faculty, staff, and administrators who wish to provide an inclusive and equitable learning community.

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Holland Floors 2.2m. & 3

The Utah Tech UniversityLibrary is located in the Holland Centennial Commons and supports the instructional and research needs of the UT community. The Library is also a part of Utah Academic Library Consortium, which provides many shared resources with other institutions in the state. Professors can put textbooks and class material on reserve at the circulation desk on the second floor that students can check out for designated periods of time.

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Math Tutoring Center

Snow Building, Basement
(435) 879-4573

Monday  9:00 am –  7:00 pm
Tuesday  9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday  9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday  9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday  9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday  11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Outdoor Recreation – ORAC

Student Activities Center – SAC South

The Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Center (ORAC) provides access to equipment rental (kayaks, tents, bikes, paddle boards, etc.) as well as a variety of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. The ORAC provides 6-8 outdoor adventures for students, faculty, staff, and even the public per semester. These outings allow individuals to experience the splendor and glory of Southern Utah with the assurance of safety through guided exploration. The ORAC also provides equipment rentals, which can either outfit one for their own adventure, or provide missing articles to complete one’s own equipment supply.

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Parking Management

Smith 135

All student, faculty, and staff motor vehicles parked on campus must bear a valid Utah Tech University parking permit (53B-3-107). Any vehicle found on campus without such a permit will be cited and a status check will be conducted to determine the purpose and intent of the driver/owner, thus providing the Parking Management and Security Offices a key resource for detecting those whose presence on campus may be of concern to the safety and welfare of students and employees.

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Peer Coach Program

Browning 1st Floor

The Peer Coach Program is predominantly a first-year retention initiative that focuses on assigning new incoming freshmen with a student peer mentor who helps them navigate through the troubles and difficulties that arise when transitioning to college. Peer coaches work hand in hand with first year experience courses such Trailblazer Connections and supervise a cohort of 25-50 students each. While Peer Coaches primarily focus on freshmen, any student who feels they need the help can be assigned a peer coach.

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Student Activities Center SAC


The Student Activities Center (SAC) is the hub of campus life and a central location for a variety of campus services.  We provide an inviting, accessible, vibrant facility designed for UT students to enjoy a wide variety of activities from ping-pong to pool and volleyball to basketball and an array of other fun activities. We also have a variety of lounges with large screen TVs, excellent study areas with soft furniture, and wireless Internet connectivity for UT students. The Student Activities Center also houses the university’s Intramural and Outdoor Recreation programs. Stop by and enjoy all that the Student Activities Center has to offer.

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Holland 1st Floor

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for helping students with all aspects of registration and for student records, including enrolling in classes, adding and dropping classes, withdrawing, evaluating transfer credits, providing veterans services, issuing Utah Tech University transcripts, conducting degree audits, and approving students for graduation. Students can perform many of these functions online through student portal, “myUT,” which can be accessed at my.utahtech.edu, or from the University web page.


Student Success Program

Browning 1st Floor

The Student Success Program is a mandated program for academically at-risk students.  The program provides a supportive network and structure for success during the first year of college.  Students identified as having an index < 45 complete targeted student success courses that provide them with specific skills and supportive services to ensure their college success. Each student in the program is assigned a Success Coach, who will assess students’ needs and goals, and provides support and accountability.

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Study Abroad

Student Activity Center (SAC) 106

Embarking on a study abroad experience can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. Whether you decide to study abroad for a summer or a semester, you will return to Utah Tech with a global perspective that cannot be taught in the classroom. Not only will you learn about another country, but you will gain a new outlook on your own culture and community. The Study Abroad Office can assist you in exploring this educational option.

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Testing Center

North Plaza Bldg. – East

Testing Services is comprised of three separate operations: Student Testing, Professional Testing, and Prometric Testing. The Student Testing Center is for UT students wanting to take an exam for one of their classes. The Professional Testing and Prometric Testing Centers are used by both students and professionals to take various paid certification exams, placement tests, and exams for other universities. Testing Services provides a testing location and atmosphere that is secure, comfortable, and stress-minimizing. We understand testing can be a stressful activity, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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Browning 1st Floor

TRiO is a federally funded program designed to provide a variety of free services to help students complete an associate degree and move on to a bachelor degree. To apply for the SSS program, students must meet at least one of the following criteria: First Generation– Neither parent received a four-year college degree before the student was 18-years old, and/or Low Income Student– Student is receiving federal financial aid such as a Pell grant or the student’s household taxable income meets federal guidelines, and/or Disability– The student has a disability which has been documented through UT’s Disability Resource Center. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S., enrolled as a full-time student at UT, and have completed no more than 40 college level credits. After submitting an intake form, applicants must attend an application session and interview.

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Women’s Resource Center

Holland 489

The goal of the Women’s Resource Center is to facilitate access to resources, mentoring, and scholarships available to women across the disciplines. We organize campus events with professional resources speakers and work with community partners to offer additional support. Our overall mission is to help women achieve their academic and professional goals.

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Writing Center

Holland 4th Floor

Our services are free to UT students. The Writing Center is staffed by peer tutors who offer suggestions, instruction, and tips to help students improve their individual writing skills. The Writing Center is not a proofreading service. We focus on helping students become better writers rather than helping correct mistakes in an essay. Tutors give basic suggestions for improvement and teach students how to review their own work.

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